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What is Blogryy?

A category driven platform for readers to discover and read blogs about relevant topics in today’s world (such as feminism, well-being, lifestyle etc.) It acts as medium to connect with individuals across the world that voice their unique stories through blogging. Be able to relate & get inspired!

Blogryy is not only for readers but also for talented & creative bloggers. In fact, bloggers are a crucial part of Blogryy because for their hard work, we as readers are able to connect, relate, get inspired, and read about valuable topics created by them.

For Reader
  • Blogryy gives you the freedom to find creative bloggers from around the world that speak to you
  • Be able to connect, share, relate, learn, and get inspired!
  • Not your typical blog reader platform
  • Discover and follow similar individuals that share their opinions, perspectives, stories, and experiences with a click of a button.
For Creative Blogger
  • Platform! Presents creative bloggers to a wide array of audience from around the world
  • Write! Encourages writers to write about their passion and explore relevant topics
  • Stand out! Prevents bloggers from getting lost in the crowd
  • Reach out! Discover and connect with your followers and other creative bloggers
  • Exposure! Get maximum views and following.
Common Goals & Mission
  • Create a community of Readers and Creative Bloggers that are able to connect, share, learn, and inspire each other from around the world
  • Promote positivity and awareness through this platform
  • Make everyone feel included and accepted in their journey of life.


Get to know the face behind each blog under “About Me” section on your favourite blogger’s profile
10+ relevant topics to choose from which are broken down into categories
Like, share and comment under each blog post
Save your favourite post under “Favourite blogs”
Follow your favourite bloggers
Easy to navigate

How It Works

Blogryy finds creative bloggers that write about meaningful topics and presents them to the readers. Choose from a range of topics that you might be interested in and start reading, learning, and connecting. Get inspired!


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Blogryy is available on both Andriod and IOS